Our Programs offer opportunities for learning to all young children. We explore the world together through play. Learn more about each of our programs below and how they serve each age group at our school.

Peach Room: 1-Year-Old Program

The first few years of your child’s life are crucial to the development of personality and intellect.  This is a period during which learning takes place at an accelerated pace.  We provide the sense of security and loving care that toddlers need to thrive during this stage of intense learning.

The focus in the Peach Room is on five key developmental areas:

  • Sensory and perceptual development
  • Self-help skills
  • Physical and motor skills
  • Social and emotional growth

Since toddlers are especially committed to achieving independence, our teachers provide responsive individual attention as your child deals with positive experiences as well as frustration.  Our curriculum takes advantage of the rapid growth of gross and fine motor skills at this stage of development.

Blue Room: 2-Year-Old Program

Our 2-year-old program includes activities that encourage socialization skills. We have activities set up on tables such as painting, arts and crafts, play dough, puzzles, etc. Circle Time includes singing, reading time, and festivities appropriate in preparation for a Jewish holiday or other celebration. The day incorporates outside play, painting, and sensory activities, in which large muscle development and social skills may be exercised.

At this age, the children are making a bridge between your constant companionship to becoming independent enough to enter Preschool.  Since each child separates differently, parents and teachers will work together to ensure a smooth transition process.

Green Room: 3-Year-Old Program

For our 3 and 4-year-old program, we combine both developmental and academic activities and experiences. We keep the ratio between teacher and child small to ensure individual attention as well as creative and joyful experiences for your children.

Children are provided with an environment which has clearly defined learning areas such as block play, dramatic play, art, manipulatives, math, science, and language arts. These areas contain developmentally appropriate materials, which the children use through independent choice as well as through teacher based learning. Because children at this age enjoy a longer meeting time, the curriculum for 3-year-old children is infused with language rich activities.

Purple Room: Pre-Kindergarten Program

For our pre-kindergarten class we combine both developmental activities as well as academics in preparing our children for kindergarten.

We introduce reading and literature, writing, verbal and non-verbal communication, social studies, math, and science. We expose these skills to our children through both center-based learning and teacher-based activities. When the children discover the information on their own, the information process leaves a stronger impression and fosters a love for continuing their quest of learning and discovery.

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