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Here at Chandler Jewish Preschool we are about creating a warm, friendly, and happy environment for your child, while assisting to develop a strong positive awareness of his/her Jewish identity. In addition to Judaic themes and holidays, the curriculum at the Chandler Jewish Preschool & Kindergarten will expose children to a wide range of experiences including art, music and movement, pre-reading & writing skills, and early math skills, which are all integrated into our hands-on learning approach. Chandler Jewish Preschool & Kindergarten is committed to excellence in all areas.

Our caring educators, shower each child with love and affection. We offer a creative Reggio Emilia inspired learning atmosphere where your child’s individual style of learning will be valued and nurtured. We encourage your child to explore the world, to learn to be part of a group, and to solve problems in a constructive manner.

Chandler Jewish Preschool takes a Reggio Emilia approach towards teaching children about the world. We bring academic learning to the interests of the children at our school. This can look different in every class from year to year. When a group of children is interested in story telling, we transform our learning to match their interest. This could look like a teacher working with each child to write their own stories, making up stories as a class, and incorporating story into math and science learning. When a group of children shows interest in building and construction with loose parts, the teachers can bring measurement, symmetry, and exploration of towers from around the world into the classroom.

We are a passionate group of teachers, directors, parents, and students, dedicated to creating environments where children feel loved and safe, love to learn each day, and thrive as they grow up together.

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