Chandler Jewish Preschool is very excited to introduce our day school: Tamim Academy of Chandler! We are now enrolling students from kindergarten through 2nd grade. Continue reading to learn more about our first step towards a full Jewish day school program here in Chandler, Arizona.

What is Tamim Academy?

A network of K-8 Jewish day schools partnering with Chabad Houses around the country

Anticipated to join Tamim network next school year. We will be using their curricula and determining if this is a good fit for our school and community. It integrates well with the playful, exploratory Reggio Emilia approach used at CJP, while adding rigorous academics

Tamim Model: learner-centered education, whole-child approach, integrated secular and Jewish curriculum, immersive Hebrew language

Learner-Centered Education

What it is: Academic learning that is personalized to each child

What it looks like: Mixed age classes, flexible groupings, students know exactly what they are learning and why it matters, whole group experiences vs. small group/individual lessons

Why it matters: Children take responsibility for their learning, teachers are aware of precisely what skills to target for each child and can design personalized lessons. Everyone learns more!

Ready to get the enrollment process started? Set up a school tour or download the registration form here.

Whole-Child Approach

What it is: Education that values each child’s social-emotional and spiritual growth equally with academic growth

What it looks like: Focus on each child’s growth as a person– how to be a friend, how to handle frustration, how to express emotions. Class meetings and activities, teacher modeling, children learning to reflect on their own feelings and actions.

Why it matters: This is how we help children grow into people with a strong sense of self and authentic kindness to others

Integrated Secular and Jewish Curriculum

What it is: Most subjects–Yahadut, science, social studies, art, etc. are combined in multidisciplinary units

What it looks like: (Example) a unit exploring the parsha of Breishit, scientific study of biomes around the world, artists who use natural mediums

Why it matters: This type of holistic learning solidifies and deepens understanding (used by many highly regarded curriculums, e.g. International Baccalaureate and International Primary Curriculum). Incorporating Jewish learning helps build their self-conception as Jews. Yahadut is not a separate subject but permeates all subjects.

Immersive Hebrew Language

What it is: Modern Hebrew is directly taught, and also integrated throughout the day

What it looks like: Classroom time for Kriah and Ivrit, while also incorporating immersive Hebrew into other times of day, such as recess, science lessons, etc. Eventually, students will spend at least 3 hours a day in an immersive Hebrew environment

Why it matters: Fluency in Modern Hebrew is vital to building connection to Jewish identity, the culture of Israel, and skills in Classical Hebrew

Elementary Curriculum Elements

Ivrit/Kriah: Specialized programs developed by Tamim Academies

Yahadut: Parsha, Chagim, Tefila, Yediot Klaliot, Mitzvot, Shabbat, רוּחָנִיוּת, chavruta learning

Science/Social Studies: Interdisciplinary units based on Next Generation Science Standards and AltSchool Social Studies Standards

English Language Arts: Read Write Inc., a phonics mastery based program

Math: Think! Math, a Singapore Math program

For more information about Tamim Academy of Chandler, head to their website: or email