Welcome to Chandler Jewish Preschool. We are so glad you are here. Reggio Emilia inspired childcare located in Pheonix, Arizona AZ

Welcome to Chandler Jewish Preschool and Kindergarten.

We are so glad you’re here.

Chandler Jewish Preschool is a community of passionate educators focused on providing a safe environment full of love and curiosity. We believe that children are capable of deep exploration through play. Our small class sizes allow all children to thrive. Our teachers find ways to connect and excite each learner in their own way. Chandler Jewish Preschool follows the latest early childhood research, which reminds us to focus learning on reflection and problem solving through connection as we play together.

Our program offers learning opportunities for children ages 1-year-old through kindergarten. We are available to students from 7:30 am-5:00 pm. We are located at the corner of McClintock Blvd and Ray Road in Chandler, Arizona.

Chandler Jewish Preschool: Childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ Core Values are Reggio Emilia inspired, Torah Jewish Teachings, Community Connection, Whole Child Approach

Chandler Jewish Preschool has four core values: First, we focus on the whole child, not just academic achievement. Second, we take a Reggio Emilia inspired approach focused on curiosity and nature. Third, we find guidance from our love of Torah and Jewish teachings. Fourth, we guide children through connection and community.

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Chandler Jewish Preschool Nature Based Early Childhood Education and Childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Nature and Play-Based Learning Environment: We foster the natural connection between the Earth and the child to create a lifelong love of nature. In addition, we focus our curriculum around learning through play. Children get to explore how their environment works at their own pace and make discoveries that are meaningful to them.

Social Emotional Learning at Chandler Jewish Preschool Child Development Childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Social-Emotional Education: Boy, is it hard to be a preschooler! There are so many feelings and so many confusing experiences to process. Chandler Jewish Preschool uses a Conscious Discipline model to stay present with our students. We also offer breathing techniques, vocabulary words, and guidance through everyday conflicts. This allows children to grow a strong inner dialogue that allows them to feel safe when life becomes overwhelming.

Community and Connection based learning at Chandler Jewish Preschool Childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Community: Chandler Jewish Preschool builds lifelong friendships for students and parents alike. Our school is connected to the greater community of Chabad of the East Valley. Our preschool offers many family events throughout the year for preschool parents, but the opportunities to connect as a community arrive every Friday night with Shabbat. Many families at Chandler Jewish Preschool send their children to Chabad Hebrew School where preschool friendships continue to grow.

Inquiry based early childhood education learning childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Inquiry-Based Learning: Our classrooms are set up to ask “I wonder?” We do not have specific outcomes in mind such as craft projects that all look the same. We set out materials in a way that allows children to explore what is on their minds while learning important academic concepts.

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Chandler Jewish Preschool Enrollment Steps Reggio Emilia Inspired Early Childhood Development Childcare in Pheonix Arizona Az
Chandler Jewish Preschool offers small class sizes with individualized attention for each student. Childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Small Class Sizes: Chandler Jewish Preschool is committed to keeping our class sizes small. As a result, each child receives the safety, love, and connection that he or she deserves. We also focus on small class sizes because we want to provide the best learning opportunities for each child at our school.

Chandler Jewish Preschool follows child development research childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Learning Practices Based in Research: Our school relies on the latest early childhood research to guide us. We remain vigilant in our continuing education trainings each year so that every teacher knows how best to provide learning opportunities for our students.

Chandler Jewish Preschool prepares children for kindergarten and for life childcare in Phoenix Arizona AZ

Not Just Ready for Kindergarten; Ready for Life: One of our mottoes is that we teach children how to think not what to think. When a child is given time to process concepts large and small at their own pace, they are given a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.

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Chandler Jewish Preschool and Kindergarten services families in the greater East Valley, including Phoenix, Awhatukee, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, & Tempe.